Company Profile

GlobalCom Holding s.a.l, a Holcom group company, is a leading provider of Internet, Data Communications and Multimedia Solutions in Lebanon, established in 1992, and is the majority shareholder of its operating companies: GlobalCom Data Services (GDS) s.a.l, IDM s.a.l., Cyberia s.a.l., Cablevision, SCOM and ENS.

GDS is the largest Lebanese Broadband Data Carrier operating an independent Wireless Network, a nationwide DSL access network through an unbundling agreement with the Public Operator and is deploying a FTTH network through a RoW and Interconnect agreement with the Public Operator. GDS is the local partner of British Telecom for the BT Global Network Node in Lebanon.

IDM and Cyberia are the two leading Internet service Providers of the Lebanese market with a major share in both the residential and corporate markets.

Cablevision, is Lebanon’s pioneering Pay TV television distribution network offering services across all types of platforms MVDS, IPTV, etc ...

Right & Rights is a TV content aggregator with exclusive deals with major international & regional TV content providers.

ENS is a Service Integrator collaborating and partnering with major Telecommunications Suppliers to bring to the market an Integrated approach to Network and Service Deployment and Operations.

GlobalCom benefits from strong synergies with the minority partners in its operating companies, TeleInvest, a diversified group with operations in the Energy and Telecom sectors and Bank Audi, the largest Lebanese bank with a strong regional reach.

These synergies give GlobalCom its competitive edge and a keen insight into the Telecommunications Sector. The coactions between GlobalCom's operating companies established the Group as a leader in Broadband, Internet and convergent communications services while keeping keenly attuned to customer needs.