Subsidiaries - Intrasky

  Our History

On October 31, 2010, Intrasky was born of a visionary merger between the VSAT division of Lunasat Offshore and IDMH's subsidiaries: IDMI s.a.l. Offshore and Communications Network Services Inc.

This notable merger was a rare opportunity that surfaced. It allowed these two well-established satellite service providers in the MENA region to pool their capabilities and offer first-class and competitive turnkey solutions, benefits, and services in satellite communications to clients and partners around the world.

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Intrasky employs the expertise of skillful and motivated professionals who can resourcefully provide immediate local solutions to global logistics anywhere on the planet.


Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of cutting-edge technologies in the global satellite services industry and the valued partner of choice for our clients, partners, industry employers, and shareholder investments.

  Mission Statement

We are a performance-driven culture that works relentlessly across language barriers, unique cultures, and diverse terrains to provide best-in-class services by delivering comprehensive, economical, and revolutionary satellite services solutions.


It is our policy to often exceed our customers' expectations in terms of service, quality cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery while simultaneously creating long-term benefits for our shareholders, customers, staff, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

We aim to foster the growth of both our company and employees by conducting ourselves with integrity and living by our values, which are founded upon delivering superior performance and cultivating an internal environment of innovation, professionalism, teamwork, and trust.

We, the founders and staff of Intrasky, use the following stringent values to guide us in all our decisions and actions. These values are the building blocks that help us create our vision of an ideal company.

Our clients come first and we promise to deliver excellence and often exceed expectations
We assume full responsibility for delivering the highest grade services and equipment at more added value and lower costs with lightening-fast responses;
We will at all times act with integrity, fulfill our commitments, and treat our clients and staff with the respect they deserve
We will strive for constant perfection and react dynamically to change;
We will become the trusted leader of avant-garde technologies through our competence, skill, creativity, and teamwork.



SAT Solutions
     - Internet Via Satellite
       Dedicated Services
      Shared Services
      Inclined Orbit Services
     - VSAT Private networks
     - GSM Backhaul Services
IT Solutions
     - Wireless Solutions
     - System Integration
     - Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management




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