Subsidiaries - CableVision 


Cablevision, established in 1993, is the market leader cable TV company, offering satellite channels to its subscribers through its wireless encrypted signal covering all of Lebanon.

CABLEVISION provides its subscribers with the finest combination of TV channels delivered with a state of the art Sound and Picture quality. The high-tech wireless cable network ensures First-Class Audiovisual output.

CABLEVISION offers more than 150 Encrypted and Free to Air channels from the different available satellites bringing you the world’s latest Top-Rated Movies, Sports, Documentaries, Music, Cartoons, Series, News, Fashion, and much more, in Arabic, French and English.

CABLEVISION is as well the Exclusive distributor of many channels among which the Turner channels, the MBC channels, the French Television channels, the Ab SAT channels.

CABLEVISION boasts the ownership of a highly skilled team, carefully chosen channels, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedicated customer service center to offer its subscribers unmatched world-class TV experience.



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